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BASIC Secure

Basic Secure bands stand for the most economical plastic wristbands in the market. And still, they are very durable and reliable.

BASIC Secure with detachable stub

Comes from the BASIC secure range and it is equipped with a detachable stub that is marked with the same number as a band.


Are you looking for economical wristbands but with larger space for print than it is with our lowest price Basic secure? Then choose Wave bands.


IDFIX Quick – can handle the biggest events of all kinds. It is number one in many respects: simplicity of fixing, non-transferable and printing.

QUICK Secure

IDFIX Quick Secure is an ultimate and final solution to all problems when organizing essentially anything.


ID wristbands IDFIX TAB are equipped with 10 simply detachable stubs. You will choose their printing.


ID wristbands IDFIX TAB are equipped with 5 simply detachable stubs. Normally, numbers 1-5 imprinted.


ID wristbands IDFIX UNDER 18 are made to clearly identify minors.

Akční nabídka

ID náramek EcoSoft Tyvek 19 mm

Nejlevnější ID náramky v naší nabídce. 22 barev!! POTISK DO 60-TI MINUT! Velikost je 250 × 19 mm.


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