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An optimally tuned ID bracelet from the point of view of usage properties and offered options. That is the ID wristband EKO/AD BAND.

MEDI Tyvek®

Medi Tyvek® bracelets that are made by our company are suitable for healthcare facilities where patient identification is required for a patient’s short time stay.


AD-BAND bracelets are very durable, mostly used for adults and long-time hospital inpatients.


CHI-BAND bracelet is a universal and cost effective solution of patient identification, including children. They are light and durable.


Top bracelets AD-BAND+ enable you to tape up the filled-in data, making the identification practically permanent.

Akční nabídka

ID náramek EcoSoft Tyvek 19 mm

Nejlevnější ID náramky v naší nabídce. 22 barev!! POTISK DO 60-TI MINUT! Velikost je 250 × 19 mm.


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